The "necessary." Book Club


I would like to welcome you to my global book club, based on my book "necessary."  To join, follow the steps below:

Non-Community Members:

  • Purchase a copy of "necessary."¬†HERE.
  • Subscribe to my email list below for book club updates and weekly inspirational messages.
  • Subscribe to my social media channels and¬†turn on the notifications for public book discussions: YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook.

 Community Members:

  • Live Zoom book discussions are available exclusively for community members. *There is no need for community members to subscribe to this book club because you are automatically enrolled.
  • As a member of the Unlocking Greatness Community Mentorship, you are automatically enrolled in the 12-week "necessary." retreat, which includes full access to my videobook "necessary.", live workshops, and live Zoom book discussions. Additionally, you will continue to receive¬†direct links inside the community for my live events.¬†


Do you have your own book club? If so, let's meet!

If you or your organization have a book club for my book "necessary." with 15 or more members, I would love to join one of your book club meetings (video meeting) for discussion. *There is no charge for this meeting; however, you must be able to verify 15 or more books have been purchased. 

Complete the form below to submit your request.

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