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Are you ready to be challenged to walk in MASTERY?

Are you ready to put in the "necessary." work by applying Bible-based and mindset principles for your personal and professional development so that you can achieve MASTERY in 2024?

If your answer is YES, I welcome you to join the Unlocking Greatness Community, a Bible-based mentorship program led by mentor and author, Zenja Glass. 


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Benefits of Joining ...


Be a part of our community to interact with other members in a supportive online environment. Learn More

"necessary." Retreat

Go on a 12-week transformational journey and learn how to overcome obstacles and THRIVE in life. Learn More

Live Q&A Workshops

Attend live Q&A workshops and training sessions with Zenja Glass and guest speakers. View Schedule

Videobook "necessary."

Watch the digital videobook "necessary." read by Zenja Glass (available inside The "necessary." Retreat).

Let's Talk Business!

Looking to start or grow your business? This is where entrepreneurs dive into  strategies for growth! Learn More

Hold Me Accountable!

Be held accountable for weekly/monthly goals to stay on track as you strive to unlock greatness from within!

Training Resources

Access recorded training sessions led by Zenja Glass and guest speakers for personal and professional development.


Participate in our monthly challenges for the entire community. This is a great way to avoid mindset traps and THRIVE!

Public Livestreams

Never miss another public livestream again. Be the first to be notified when Zenja Glass is LIVE on social media.


Listen to all the podcast episodes by Zenja Glass from multiple platforms including Apple, Google Podcast, etc.

Guest Speakers

Enjoy learning from guest speakers who will be invited to share their experiences and teach various classes.

Daily Inspirations

Want daily encouragement? Listen to short motivational audio messages from Zenja Glass to stay inspired.


Recent Testimonials From Our Community Members


     "What a great session! Phew! You ladies are amazing! The gifts you have shared have blown my mind! I'm inspired each time I join a session. but TUHDAY has taken the cake. I just swooned listening to you all share your passions. Oh and the way you care for one another is refreshing. The outpouring of love and tenderness is so needed. God's love is present. This sessions has encouraged me to be more active in the community.

Zenja, I am so glad you created this safe space. I feel calm each time I click the link to join the Zoom. You created an environment that is comforting my inner child. You have been so careful with us and I can't help but notice how much you are teaching me without you even knowing it. This is how I want to hold the stories of my future community-with attunement, love and compassion. Thank you!!!

To anyone who hasn't joined a live yet, we are waiting for you! You can find comfort in knowing that this space will meet you right where you are and embrace you."
- Samantha W.

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