The "necessary." Retreat!

By joining the Unlocking Greatness Community, you will receive access to The "necessary." Retreat. This online training program is based on my book, “necessary.” as a guide to walk you through a transformational journey. Watch video:

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Are you ready to begin the "necessary." journey to work on YOU? 


This online, self-paced retreat is facilitated by author, Zenja Glass. Consists of weekly training videos and mindset exercises for each module: Perception, Letting Go, Preparation, and Mastery

Learn how to apply Bible-based and mindset principles in every area of your life for personal and professional development. Go at your own pace (usually takes 12-14 weeks to complete the entire retreat).

No need to rush... as a community member, you will continue to maintain access to this retreat until you cancel or end your membership.

*Note: The chapters from the videobook "necessary." are released every 7 days in the retreat (coordinating with each course module), for a period of 12 weeks.

Review the 4 modules below:

Learn powerful BIBLE-BASED and mindset principles. Discover who you really are, what are your God-given talents, and what holds you back.
Learn how to let go and RISE! It’s time to GET UNSTUCK and move beyond a caged mindset to embrace the NEW you in NEW wineskins!
No more delays or setbacks! This is the time to take MASSIVE action and finally pursue your God-given talents and unlock your dreams!
In what areas of your life do you lack mastery for personal and professional development? This session is very important to sustain your growth.

Recent Testimony

"The lessons from this Retreat are so rich and deep that it takes me days to process each one because I take it to heart. I listen and watch each lesson at least 4 times because each time, I learn something new. You have no idea how much this Retreat has changed my life!" - Miriam


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