If you are ready to be transformed, and strive for MASTERY, I welcome you to join the Unlocking Greatness Community.

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Community Support: You are not alone because in this community, we love and support each other. We lift up each others' dreams and goals. We pray for one another. We encourage each other, and we do everything we are able to do to inspire and motivate all members to overcome obstacles and achieve what seems impossible to others. From the moment you join and introduce yourself to the members in this community mentorship program, you will feel the genuine love and support that the world so desperately needs right now. 

Group Mentorship. We meet bi-weekly as a group to focus on learning Bible-based and mindset principles. These group mentorship workshops are led by Zenja Glass (and guest speakers). Group mentorship comes with tremendous benefits because there is great power in learning how others overcame their obstacles and pushed past their fears to achieve their goals. If you are ready for a better year and better results, we welcome you to attend these mentorship workshop sessions for personal and professional development.

Accountability: We all need accountability, but oftentimes, we fall short of maintaining our commitments. As a member of the Unlocking Greatness Community mentorship program, you will be able to access our "Hold Me Accountable" feature where you can ask Zenja Glass and your fellow community members to hold you accountable for your weekly/monthly goals. This is an amazing advantage to help keep you on track with your goals as you strive for MASTERY in 2024!

Challenges: Ready to be challenged? When you access the community, you will see weekly mindset challenges posted for you to join and interact with other members as you cheer each other on to take better care of your body, mind, and soul. Start off by taking the "Get Unstuck Challenge", by Zenja Glass. It will be one of the first challenges you access upon joining. Our community members love these weekly mindset challenges because they stretch you to think on higher levels... and grow!

Go on a Retreat: The 12-week "necessary." Retreat (a $497 value) is one of the most powerful, life-changing retreats our members state they have experienced. This online, self-paced retreat is included with your membership and can be accessed immediately upon joining. This retreat is based on the book, "necessary." by Zenja Glass. The primary goal of this retreat is to help you discover who you are, learn how to let go, get prepared for your new territory, and finally... walk in MASTERY!


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Disclaimer: This mentorship program shall not be construed as psychological or professional counseling. Must be 18 years or older to join.

Recent Testimony


"The lessons from this Retreat are so rich and deep that it takes me days to process each one because I take it to heart. I listen and watch each lesson at least 4 times because each time, I learn something new. You have no idea how much this Retreat has changed my life!" - Miriam



Benefits of Personal Mentorship

  • Attend bi-weekly live mentorship sessions¬†hosted by Zenja Glass and guest speakers for personal development.
  • Participate in our¬†Community¬†and Challenges¬†to interact with other members in a supportive online environment.¬†
  • Access to the 12-week¬†‚Äúnecessary.‚ÄĚ retreat.¬†(a $497 value) Includes videobook, ‚Äúnecessary.‚ÄĚ by Zenja Glass).
  • Access all recorded¬†workshop sessions for personal development.




Frequently Asked Questions